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Helping Real Estate Professionals Manage And Scale Appointments So They Don't Have To!

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Client Acquisition

We take the guesswork out of  data driven appointment setting with laser focused Facebook ad campaigns designed for the real estate niche. To be clear, we do NOT sell leads! Our ads generate leads that we qualify. We then live transfer calls, or schedule appointments on your calendar!

Online Marketing

Our online marketing strategy is tailored specifically for real estate professionals. We run and manage your ad campaign on Facebook, and continuously A/B test and optimize your campaign regularly to get you the best cost per lead and lead quality.

Inside Sales

Our inside sales department takes in the leads we generate, qualifies them, nurtures them and implements a 180 day follow up campaign using emails, texts and phone calls. This way, you do not have to do any of that yourself, just focus on what you do best!

We specialize in client acquisition and appointment setting for real estate brokers, their teams, and real estate agents.

Exclusive, pre-qualified leads, personal CRM, booked appointments & live transfers to you means more time to connect with buyers & sellers who close!


Top real estate agents throughout the country use our system to get an additional 3-6 Closings A Month!


Join them today, and see what Burstyn Consulting LLC can do to scale your business.


"Peter blew me away. Right now I'm working with a guy who's going to buy a $300-400k house cash and we're getting ready to go out and see some properties together... 1 couple came pre-approved and not working with an agent, 2 couples are getting pre-approved with my lender now... its just a laundry list."

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A Robertson (Phoenix, Arizona)

"55 leads in 7 days. Worked with Peter and his team to promote a listing I was looking to sell quickly. 7 days with only $100 spent on advertising, he helped us somehow generate over 55 Buyer leads for this listing. Also, with the same campaign he generated Seller leads! Definitely recommend his service 100%."

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Neena Morris (Salt Lake City, Utah)

"50 leads in 7 Days. I gave him a challenge of helping me sell this listing quickly with $300 in ad spend. 7 days in already 50 leads by the end of $300 in ad spend he generated so many leads we had to stop the campaign."

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Rebecca (Miami, Florida)

"You're the man hands down. Working with BC for 2 weeks generated a ton of leads and opportunities. Which is not easy here in Ventura County. He promised a ton of leads and that's exactly what happened."

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Alexa (Los Angeles, California)

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